This unique Friends of Truths manual is an invitation into the answers you seek — the answers we find in the questions themselves.

My intention with this manual is to share the profound learning, practices and tools that work for me, daily, and to offer this to you as a real and tangible beginning of that journey to you, and be your ongoing conversation with yourself. Be open to step into a completely new field without knowing what to expect, allow yourself to get to know, and be drawn into, unfamiliar knowledge to discover the possibilities. This is a manual for a life full of grace, elegance, and possibility; as beautiful as an accessory, as trusted as a true friend, as reassuring as a mentor in your pocket, bringing positive expansion into your contemporary lifestyle. Grace is the internal energy, and elegance is the external expression of your essence, and possibility is yours to master. “You have to be able to see the possibility in life”


148 x 210cm Knowledge, Practices, Recipes & Free Pages

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