Scribbling Notes – Handwriting Activity
At the height of my professional career in the cooperate world, while enjoying the influence and prestige that came with my position, I found myself searching for the first time. Searching for a bigger purpose in life. Despite my personal success, I felt I had strayed from my true path.
It was then that I started my own journaling practice. I found a format in a German VOGUE that I have come to call, “Questions without Answers.” It was a series of questions that would prompt me to just write whatever answers popped into my head.
This form helped me get into the flow of writing. A way of capturing whatever was floating around in my head. Later when reading what I had written, I would ask, “Are these my own thoughts, ideas and visions? Where are they coming from?”
In the Spring of 2007, through this continued practice, I was able to articulate my true wish, idea and vision: “I want to experience life itself by living in Los Angeles for 3 Months.” As we now know, I stayed there for 12 years and was more than able to learn what it means to have an experience of life itself. Life is for asking and then living into the questions.

For the curious and adventurous seeker.

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