“Grace is the internal energy, elegance is the external expression of your essence, and possibilities is yours to master.”
Friends of Truths present the Expert Series 2024 in the Black Forest, Germany - An exploration of Holistic Rituals, movement, nourishment and personal expression & exploration.
“My intention with this expert series is to share profound knowledge, practices, ritual and tools that work for me on a daily base and offer them to you as real and tangible beginning of that journey to yourself.” (Katharina Riess, founder of friends of truths)
Be open to step into a completely new experience without knowing what to expect, allow yourself to get be drawn onto, unfamiliar territory, acquiring new knowledge by discovering new possibilities. It is my pleasure to curate this extraordinary program and bring international thought leaders & experts to the Black Forest, Germany.
“Are our senses a communication system?” We are always in an exchange with what is around us in our immediate surroundings, our space affects how we feel and operate in our mind and body. We can influence, or even change the environment with sound, smell, lighting, texture, objects — in order to create a new experience. We will dive deep and discover the answers together in May, 2024.
Location: Beyond its physicality, Black Forest House 1650 is not just a place; it's a meticulously curated space designed to foster connection, encourage creativity, and facilitate collaboration. It invites you to not only be present but to become a part of its narrative. This space beckons you to immerse yourself in its captivating allure, where a skillful interplay of diverse wood tones creates an ambiance of refined warmth. Here, you will experience a space that resonates with harmony, where every detail has been thoughtfully considered to enhance the narrative of timeless design.
THE EXPERTS: Joanna Pitt, Cindy Bachmann, Katharina Riess
Joanna is a writer, evolutionary astrologer, yoga and meditation teacher, and producer of wellness events and media. She is deeply inquisitive and passionate in using and teaching the language of the cosmos to understand how energy moves within us and reframe our experiences as divine gifts. (twinfawnsastrology.com)
Cindy is a Berlin based intuitive personal chef, experienced alchemist, private kundalini yoga teacher and co-founder of Los Angeles Cold Press with focus on well-being and longevity. She believes that high vibrational foods and self-care practices often serve as the best medicine.(lacoldpress.com)
Katharina is a oenologist, conscious living expert and a curator for her creative hub Black Forest House 1650. She loves to share her pool of knowledge and understanding which she has gathered over the past 20 years by studying with world renowned experts & leaders in the field of conscious living, yoga, meditation, neuroscience & Ayurveda.(friendsoftruths.com)

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