Behind "Friends of Truths"

The idea of "Friends of Truths" started back in 2007. Right after I chose to exchange a career-focused lifestyle in Munich, Germany for a freestyle life in Venice, California.
We all have those times when we are looking for an answer. We search for a concept, or model, or theory—a way forward. Something to help us make sense of our experience. A means of redefining our identity. Perhaps we have a growing feeling that there is more we could understand in order to sort out what is right for us. To make the intelligent and integrative change necessary to express the life we want to live.
The “S” at the end of “Truths” holds for me the idea that there is not one, and only one, “Truth” out there. You have the possibility to pick and choose what feels right for you. As we are all here to share and learn from one another, it felt right to call the idea of the collective, “Friends.” Because a friend is always there to help.
Now, it is my pleasure to show you what I have learned from all the great thought leaders and changemakers I have been lucky to know. Their expertise in expanding views and deepening our understanding of the human condition helps clarify the path towards understanding ourselves better. To continue along on my journey, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

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